Everything you need to get covered

Our products are custom built with you in mind. We look at specific risks and build product that protect our customers against such risk.

P2P Insurance

Mizala offers a digital protection platform that pools people in groups and creates new ways of hedging against risks life has to offer today. Use your money your way, no more insurance companies, no more middlemen, no more expensive premiums, no more unpaid claims. Stay protected on the good and the bad days, we are here for you.

3rd Party Insurance

Protects you from having to pay compensation to those who have been injured in an accident caused by the driver of your car.. Get 3rd party insurance in under 3 mins.

Parcel Guard

Get insurance cover for damages & losses caused to your goods in transit from the day your goods are picked up, until they are delivered to your client. Get parcel guard insurance in under 3 mins.

Flexi Auto Insurance

Our comprehensive car insurance gives Affordable coverage for your vehicle's damages and losses from all kinds of mishaps—whether they happen while your car is in transit or not. Get flexi auto insurance in under 3 mins.

We are always here for you when you need us most

Over one thousand of our customers attest to our ability to go above and beyond to assist them in times of need. Our claims process is the fastsest in the country

Olaiya Lukmon Amole
Bolt Driver

It's a nice one, a comprehensive insurance with weekly payment, very encouraging coupled with a tracker device

Paul Oyamenda
Bolt Driver

Good day sir. Your platform is good I haven’t experience any challenge so far I am happy to be here